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    Dirty dogs & curly fries 



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Chilly Katz was born out of the need to show the UK that hot dogs can be awesome. Lets face it, the UK doesn’t have a great reputation for hot dogs. So we decided to import the amazing Icelandic hot dog.


Now you may not think of Iceland as having a hot dog culture but you’d be wrong. The noble hotdog in Iceland is a daily staple for the modern Viking. The hot dog is a star in the land of ice and snow and so we bring it here to you, the people.

The dogs are made from Lamb, beef and a touch of pork and unlike most dogs it's actually made of meat, real meat, from the shoulder of the animals. Animals in Iceland are mainly free range and grass feed. Happy animals make happy dogs.

So with a top ingredient and a little dash of creativity Chilly Katz was born.
Ow, and don’t think we’ve forgotten about our vegetarian friends. For you we have an amazing Tofu Dog and we can even look after our Vegans brethrens too.


Chilly Katz Hot Dog bar, Icelandic Hot dogs and Milk Shakes, Food Hammersmith West London.


Icelandic Hot dogs, Salads & Drinks

At Chilly Katz we serve the Real Icelandic hot dog. Icelandic meat is free range and grass fed. Teamed with our delicious condiments it makes for a delicious quick bite to eat. For those who do not eat meat we also offer a great vegetarian hot dog that can be teamed up with any of our menu options.


E-mails us on hello@chillykatz.co.uk

We cater corporate events, weddings and parties.